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Welcome To Mike Beat

the pearl of catering services.

Wedding Decoration


Just like organizations, a successful marriage should have a clear vision and mission and both couples must work as a team toward this vision truthfully and willingly submitting themselves so they can achieve the mission..




“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”



The company provides the following services for wedding functions, government workshops, school price giving celebrations, AIDS day celebrations, private company workshops and corporate function.

A galore of services at our disposal.

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About Us

All tents acquired are not only for use by the company in weddings but for hire as well. The company has over the years mamaged to acquire big tents, which can accomodate a large number of people. The previous customers were very impressed with our performance in terms of the level of innovative skill displayed in our decoration and the catering. All jobs that the company was offered to undertake were all carried out successfully.